Why SGM And Associates

Abogados de Inmigracion en Oxnard

  Our success is the result of a constant, unrelenting focus to our clients' needs. With a commitment to excellence, we believe it is valuable to have a team-based approach that produces resourceful thinking to complex immigration issues.


At SGM & ASSOCIATES ( abogados de inmigracion en Oxnard ), we have over 30 years of  business and industry-specific immigration law experience.  As a result, we strongly believe and understand the benefits and opportunities that the immigration process brings to both employers and their employees. We provide business immigration services to businesses throughout the United States, and the world.


SGM & ASSOCIATES legal team is comprised of many multilingual individuals, from diverse cultural backgrounds. We speak many languages including:
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • English


We give each case 100% personalized attention and because of that we have achieved a high success rate. Our approach is individualized and customized for each client.


At SGM & ASSOCIATES, we utilize the latest web-based and Internet technology to assist businesses who sponsor foreign nationals to work in the United States quickly and efficiently. With the use of the internet and web-based applications, our clients have the opportunity to access information concerning the status of their claims, and are able to remain informed throughout the immigration process.  Each client is provided a user name and password to login to our system and interact with our law firm.


The process for bringing foreign nationals to the United States is complex and requires a thorough understanding of business immigration law. When we commit to a matter, we take the time to thoroughly explain the application process and answer all of our clients’ questions or concerns. Our business immigration lawyers know that one mistake or wrong step could significantly delay the application process. Accordingly, our business visa attorneys’ experience and knowledge with a litany of USA business visa and immigration issues allow us to ensure that every petition is diligently prepared and thoroughly analyzed.


At SGM & ASSOCIATES, our immigration lawyers handle the full scope of business, family and investor-related immigration matters. our team will provide comprehensive services from beginning to end to facilitate the immigration process and allow the business to focus on growth and management instead of immigration problems.


No hidden fees and very reasonable pricing is available based on a client's case volume. If you are interested in obtaining or learning more about our services, please contact our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys at SGM & ASSOCIATES, today for an initial consultation  (805)486-8300