J Visas for Exchange Visitors

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The J visa allows foreign nationals to travel to the United States under numerous exchange programs recognized by the USCIS. Individuals ranging from students to researchers and specialists can pursue their studies, receive training, or share their knowledge under this visa program. This visa also allows the visa holder to pursue other extracurricular activities outside of their cultural exchange as well. The visa holder can bring their spouse and certain dependents to accompany them during their stay (J-2 visas). J-1 visas are available for:
  • Research Scholars or Professors: With the J visa, scholars are free to conduct research, teach, lecture, or participate in scholarly activities that promote exchange for an accredited post-secondary institution, library, museum, or similar institution.
  • College and University Students: Foreign students can apply for a J-1 visa if they intend to study at a U.S. post-secondary accredited college or university full-time.
  • Government visitors: Prominent international visitors can enter the U.S. and participate in activities that promote and strengthen relationships with U.S. government agencies. These influential individuals are typically selected by a U.S. government agency.
  • Foreign teachers: Qualifying foreign teachers can teach at an accredited U.S. primary or secondary school.
  • Physicians: Visitors can apply to work, research, or conduct training.
The J-1 visa requires that all visa holders return to their county after the exchange program has ended. Extensions are available through your program sponsor, who must file an application for the extension. Our immigration lawyers at SGM & Associates ( abogados de inmigracion en oxnard ) can offer our assistance for individuals and exchange programs. We can assist with documentation and provide guidance throughout the process.