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Immigration Law Firm Based in Oxnard, CA 

SGM & Associates is a full-service immigration law firm with our principal office located in Oxnard, California. We ( lawyers in oxnard, attorneys in oxnard ) have a talented roster of legal professionals and serve a diverse clientele, from small businesses and multinational corporations to high net worth individuals.

Our immigration attorneys ( abogados de inmigracion en Oxnard ) understand the complexities of hiring foreign workers to meet your staffing needs. We analyze your situation and make strategic recommendations to increase the possibility of successfully obtaining immigration status for your employees. Additionally, we ( deportation lawyer, deportation attorney ) explore all of your legal and practical alternatives in an effort to save you time and money in the end. We apply the latest technology and advanced case management solutions to bring increased efficiency and streamlined access. Our commitment and passion for helping our clients has come to define our legal practice.

SGM & Associates maintains the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and professionalism.